Munroe Apartments Quincy Claim

Project Name: Munroe Apartments Quincy
Location: Quincy, MA
Project Value: $22,559,976
Project Owner: Abbott Real Estate Dev.

JGCMI Claim Involvement:

  • Dispute resolution through negotiated settlements of four subcontractor payment bond claims totaling $630K
    • Analyze the dispute by separating it into – issue by issue, fact by fact, and event by event in order to assess the responsibility, causation and damage components of the dispute
    • Assist in the preparation of affidavits, initial disclosures, motions for summary judgment and interrogatories
    • Complete account reconciliation, prepare settlement options and participate in settlement discussions
  • Prepare for and participated in two dispute resolution mediations on a $2.7 million owner delay/contract balance/disputed change order claim and a $6.5 Million subcontractor defective work claim involving surety
    • Collaborate with legal counsel/surety on developing mediation strategy, assist in the decision making process, and help determine the best plan for mediating the dispute
    • Gather and help reproduce all of the pertinent documents and organize it into a meaningful data base of core information
    • Assist in the preparation of amended complaints, counter-claims, mediation statement, and answering interrogatories
    • Organize file for production of documents
    • Complete account reconciliation, prepare settlement options and participate in mediation presentation/discussions
  • Preside over organizing and overseeing the collaborative effort of submitting a $2.6 million insurance claim.
    • Assisted legal counsel/surety with investigating and evaluating the performance of the designer, contractor and subcontractors regarding compliance with contract provisions and standards of practice in the construction industry
    • Analyzed the cause and origin of construction defects
    • Assembled the costs for correcting and repairing work associated with construction defects and submitted claim to the general liability insurance carrier
    • Prepared for meeting and presented claim to insurance carrier
    • Assisted legal counsel/surety during settlement discussions with insurance carrier
  • Hired as surety’s construction consultant/manager to oversee the corrective work associated with construction defects/failures in an occupied building
    • Managed $800K of subcontractor scope associated with correcting defective work and repairing damaged work
    • Assist legal counsel with hiring and managing the involvement of a building envelope expert that included the scheduling of site observations and water tests