Owner Representative

In today’s complex construction industry, effectively managing the multitude of complicated issues inherent in most construction projects, can become a daunting and time-consuming undertaking. JGCMI owner representative services will permit the owner to concentrate on the company’s overall business plan having no reservations that an experienced construction manager is professionally managing their project. JGCMI can provide logical management direction regarding each project, focusing on a cost-effective value for the work being accomplished, taking the lead on required actions during the entire construction process, and advising on scheduling, budgeting, pro-active solutions, and claim prevention. JGCMI has a full understanding of the approval/permitting process, budgeting, and associated complexities of construction contract documents and guarantees to provide effective contract administration resolving all issues in the owner’s best interest.

JGCMI’s owner representative services include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Pre-Construction
    1. Assist with the community process, government and public relations
    2. Provide necessary support for financing effort, including budgets, schedules, and other necessary project information
    3. Collaborate with owner on type of contracts
    4. Assist in pre-qualifying potential bidders
    5. Assist in the selection of the construction team
    6. Assist legal counsel in finalizing architect & contractor contracts
    7. Coordinate scheduled progress meetings and maintain minutes
    8. Assist architect in completing general conditions with emphasis on protecting owner’s interest
    9. Help finalize schedules for pre-construction, construction and post construction phases
    10. Examine plans and specifications for completeness and constructability
    11. Assist in the preparation and coordination of construction bid documents
    12. Assist in value engineering to help contain monetary costs or address time constraints
    13. Coordinate State and local permitting
    14. Evaluate contractor and architect schedule of values
  2. Construction
    1. Scrutinize and check CPM construction schedules and monitor progress
    2. Check submittals for compliance to owner’s design intent
    3. Review change orders for entitlement and evaluate the cost and time impact to the schedule; negotiate and track as necessary
    4. Attend project meetings
    5. Prepare progress reports
    6. Monitor construction costs
    7. Monitor deliveries of long lead items
    8. Review and analyze contractor and architect pay applications
    9. Assist owner with the submission of their monthly requisitions to the lender/financing company
    10. Schedule and attend owner inspections and testing
    11. Manage abutter and interested party relations
    12. Provide daily project supervision, if necessary
    13. Provide quality control inspections
  3. Post Construction
    1. Assist in the commissioning of the building systems
    2. Provide claims analysis and negotiations
    3. Review as-builts, operation & maintenance manuals and warranties
    4. Monitor completion of owner/architect punchlist
    5. Assist in securing final lien waivers from all contractors