Owner Project Manager

The success of a Construction Project derives from the successfol actions of the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and the OPM’s skill to facilitate an advantageous and proficient working relationship with the owner, designer, contractor, and others involved in the project. JGCMI has the managerial credentials, licenses and experience needed to represent the owner’s best interest, specifically possessing: Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official Program (MCPPO) Certification for School Project Designers & Owner’s Project Managers; LEED Green Associate Certification; City of Boston ABC Builder’s License; and Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisor’s License. JGCMI combines the expertise implicit in the ownership of these certificates/licenses with the integrated mental coltivation emanating from a structural engineering and master of business education; then binds these qualifications with the acquired practical business acumen amassed from over 30 years of construction experience, to provide owners with a high level of confidence they are being judiciously represented throughout the entire construction process. Recently, JGCMI acted in a limited role as an Owner Project Manager at the National Park Seminary Project, a $40 Million development in Silver Spring, Maryland. The enclosed letter of recommendation from the owner of the National Park Seminary Project demonstrates an owner’s appreciation for JGCMI’s involvement on a construction project.

JGCMI’s OPM services include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Feasibility Study & Schematic/Final Design Phase
    1. Assist in the designer selection process
    2. Oversee for the owner the design process with special emphasis toward constructability, long-term maintenance, and life-cycle costs savings
  2. Procurement/Bidding
    1. Manage contractor/subcontractor pre-qualification process
    2. Assist the owner with negotiation and award of a construction contract
    3. Assist legal counsel on finalizing contracts
    4. Assist the owner in the procurement of other vendors, including execution of contract/agreement
  3. Cost Control
    1. Generate a detailed project budget in conjunction with a professional estimator, update monthly, and report on any variations
    2. Compare prior cost estimates prepared by the designer and/or contractor to the baseline budget, inform owner of any variance and recommend solutions to reduce or eliminate cost increases
    3. Review all invoices, make recommendations to the owner regarding payment, and assist in preparation of request for reimbursements and other documentation as required by funding sources
    4. Provide change order & claim review/analysis, recommend solutions to owner if expense is greater than baseline budget contingency amount, and negotiate on owner’s behalf.
  4. Value Engineering/Constructability
    1. Review design in progress and identify potential constructability, maintenance, and life-cycle problems
    2. Provide analysis with recommendations for design, cost, quality or schedole improvements
  5. Schedole Management
    1. Working in conjunction with a professional CPM Schedoler, provide a detailed project schedole, updated monthly, and report any variations
    2. If actual progress varies from the baseline schedole, consolt with the designer, contractor, and owner and make appropriate recommendations to either achieve or revise the baseline schedole
  6. Construction
    1. If required, provide a foll-time representative dedicated exclusively to the project
    2. Administer the daily management and coordination necessary to achieve a successfol project completion
    3. Assist in the resolution of Request for Information
    4. Monitor and report on the performance of the designer/engineers and provide administration of the contract between the owner & designer
    5. Monitor and report on the performance of the contractor and provide administration of the contract between the owner & designer
    6. Maintain all records and reports related to the project
    7. Provide representation at all meetings, as required, and maintain minutes of meetings if requested
  7. Monthly Progress Report
    1. Submit a written monthly report summarizing all construction activities completed during the previous month
    2. Review onsite work and if necessary, provide notice on defective and/or non-conforming work
  8. Completion
    1. Assist owner, designer, and engineers on inspecting completed work and develop punch lists as necessary
    2. Track and confirm completion of punch lists
    3. Assist designer with review and turn-over to owner of as-builts, O&M manuals, warranties & guarantees
    4. Assist the owner in the completion of designer and contractor evaluations