“I have worked with many experts and claim consultants over the years. Jack exceeded my expectations. He was well-organized and extremely thorough in his analysis. He presented his findings in an understandable way with full backup. His analysis was highly credible because he stuck with the facts and what we could prove. Perhaps Jack’s biggest asset is his ability to testify persuasively. Often an expert does a great job preparing a report but is ineffective when testifying. Other times, the opposite is true and the expert sounds good testifying but has little substance to back up the testimony. Jack is the complete package. He has instant credibility because he is articulate and well-spoken. His construction experience speaks volumes about his credibility. He convincingly makes his point because he is thoroughly prepared and has his facts at his fingertips. Under cross examination by the opponent’s counsel, our case got stronger. He truly walks the walk”.

Major Downtown Boston Construction Law Firm (1)

“Jack has both the academic and practical experience to qualify as an expert in general building construction knowledge as well as special expertise in estimating, procurement, constructability, the submittal process, planning and schedule development, operations, interpretations of plans and specifications, standard of care, best practices, and damage calculations. As an expert, Jack is both meticulous in his attention to detail and tenacious in his pursuit of the truth. He has an unmatched ability to de-construct what happened on a construction project and identify precisely where things went wrong. He is highly organized and is able to quickly get to the heart of how best to prepare and defend a claim. On the stand, Jack is always prepared, professional, and unflappable. He testifies with precision, clarity, and authority. He maintains his credibility on cross examination as well as any witness I have seen and he does so in a manner that is genuine and courteous. In each case where he has testified for me, it was obvious early in the proceedings that the arbitrator perceived Jack to be a reliable source of information and helpful to the resolution of the claim (and this was confirmed in the favorable awards we received). In addition to using Jack as a consulting expert in ADR and dispute resolution matters, I also recommend Jack as an owner’s representative or construction manager on any ongoing building project. Based on his years of practical, hands on experience, Jack can leverage his knowledge and skills to help developers and other building owners manage their projects more efficiently and with less risk.”

Major Downtown Boston Construction Law Firm (1)

“The School District and the architect jointly retained Jack Grant as an expert witness, based upon Jack’s experience with construction projects. Mr. Grant carefully and thoroughly reviewed extensive documentation and prepared a detailed expert report with extensive exhibits. Mr. Grant analyzed the financial aspects of the construction project, the dynamics among the various parties, and the claims asserted by the construction manager. I met with Mr. Grant numerous times during his work on the case. I found Mr. Grant to be knowledgeable, focused, and very helpful in analyzing and responding to plaintiff’s claims. I would not hesitate to retain Mr. Grant again as an expert witness in a construction case, and would recommend him to any owner or School District involved in a construction lawsuit”. 

Major New Hampshire Law Firm (1)

“In our experience, Mr. Grant’s greatest value as a consultant came from his command of the project record and his ability to relate particular facts and documents to our theory of the case. Mr. Grant repeatedly demonstrated the focus, sophistication and communication skills to manage litigation strategy and priorities as part of a team. This was particularly true when required to refine critical aspects of complicated construction disputes concerning, among other things, change orders, delay claims and project close-out. Mr. Grant demonstrated a commitment to preparation and proved to be a comfortable and credible witness”.

Major Downtown Boston Surety Law Firm (1)

“I have used JGCMI as a consultant to defend the work of architects and engineers involved with a large high school construction and remodeling project. At all times, I found the company and Jack to be highly professional, thorough and accessible. As is the case in many consulting businesses involved in litigation support, being able to “roll up the sleeves” and get to the bottom of a problem is extremely important at an early stage of the proceedings. I found Jack Grant more than willing to do that work, and be prepared to back the work up with a thorough, well-written report. I would recommend him and his company, without reservation, for any consulting job involving a commercial or industrial project where the work of the architects or engineers is at question”.

Major Greater Boston/New Hampshire Law Firm (1)

“Mr. Jack Grant was initially retained to audit the books of our general contractor when it was discovered that subcontractors and suppliers were remaining unpaid. During this time, the general contractor came to rely on Mr. Grant’s scheduling, analysis and leadership skills. Additionally, Mr. Grant was entrusted to take the role of negotiating subcontractor settlements on behalf of the owner and general contractor when it was discovered that the general contractor was not in a financial position to honor its guaranteed maximum price. JGCMI’s role ultimately was expanded to that of the project’s Project Manager to rebuild a six-story portion of the condominium building that was severely damaged during a catastrophic pipe leak event and to complete the punchlist for the entire project. I have been in the construction industry for some 27 years and found Mr. Grant’s organizational and communicative skills to be unparalleled. His ability to lead the charge to complete this very complex project in a timely and professional manner maintaining the high standards that are required of a luxury condominium project was commendable. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Grant of JGCMI as an expert witness for any construction litigation case or as a project manager for complex construction projects where timeliness, professionalism and quality of construction are top priorities”.

Senior Development Project Manager of a National Real Estate Development Firm (1)

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend John J. “Jack” Grant of JGCMI as an expert witness. I was immediately impressed with Jack’s project management abilities and his pragmatic approach to problems. Jack was always prompt and professional. Jack analyzed and summarized the applicable contract provisions, project correspondence, meeting minutes, daily reports, claims for delay and extra work, and alleged contract balances claims. I worked closely with Jack in this regard and I realized quickly that Jack knew what to look for, where to find it, and what it meant for the case. Jack’s diligence and hard work can best be summarized by the fact that I gave him a key to my office and he would often be at my office before I arrived and he often stayed after I left. On the first day of arbitration or trial, we were fully prepared for all of the technical, factual and legal issues to be arbitrated or tried. I highly recommend Jack as an expert witness for any type of construction case. His superior knowledge of the industry and the prosecution and defense of the construction claims is unmatched. Moreover, unlike many experts, Jack has actually been in the field, managed projects, and has personal knowledge of the industry”.

Major Greater Boston Law Firm (1)

“It is without reservation that I recommend and endorse the excellent service of JG Construction Management, and more particularly, its principal Jack Grant. Our engagement with Mr. Grant came about as part of a particularly challenging project in Silver Spring, MD. To see the project to completion, as developer and owner, we decided to supplement our own staff of architects and owner’s representatives, with the additional expertise of a project manager with specific knowledge of GC project coordination, scheduling, and experience dealing with very challenging circumstances on large construction projects. After a significant search involving contacts with associates and industry connections across the eastern half of the United States, we were directed to JGCMI and Jack Grant. Faced with an extraordinarily difficult situation and significant potential liability, we came to rely on the services of Jack and JGCMI – and for good reason. Jack demonstrated an obvious expertise in his industry, and I rightly placed strong trust in his leadership and judgment”.

Owner National Real Estate Development Firm (1)


 “Initially, W. Atlee Burpee Company (“Burpee”) retained JG Construction Management, Inc. (“JGCMI”) to provide us with leadership in completing an Environmental and Structural Assessment of our 230,000 square foot Burpee facility. Burpee was in the process of considering a multi-phase renovation process that would have included roof renovations, rehabilitation of interior office areas, and potentially an addition to our multi-use facility. Since Burpee did not employ in-house construction expertise, it was decided an experienced construction consultant was needed to guide us through this process. The process that JGCMI took us through was outstanding and very efficient. JGCMI was very detailed as the situation dictated. As a result of retaining JGCMI, our company was able to finalize a deal with a roofing contractor to make key structural improvements to our roof supports and replace the roof with a better system. The end result is simply outstanding. We were very pleased with the process and contractor selection as a result of Jack Grant’s experience and project leadership. I would not hesitate to retain JGCMI again if we need a major or repair project in the future.”

President & Chief Operating Officer of Diversified Horticultural Firm (1)


 “It is with pleasure that we offer this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jack Grant. In many years he worked with Peabody Construction Company we designed over a dozen projects for which he was responsible. One of the last projects he built with our office was West End Place in Boston which won an American Institute of Architects design award for housing. In the many years we worked together Mr. Grant consistently distinguished himself for client satisfaction, professionalism and the ability to work with our design staff collaboratively to create projects that have been a credit to both firms. It is a pleasure that we recommend Mr. Grant without reservation.”

Major Greater Boston Architectural Firm (1)


“I am writing this as a letter of recommendation for Mr. Jack Grant with JG Construction Management Inc. We recently worked with Mr. Grant as he provided permit expediting services for a project in Woburn, Massachusetts. At all times, I found Mr. Grant to be dependable and detail oriented throughout the process. We were impressed with Mr. Grant’s diligence. His efforts made the permitting process run smooth and efficiently, exactly as proposed. Mr. Grant has a great understanding of what is required and expected for the permitting process and we plan on using his services in the future”

National Architectural Firm (1)

“I highly recommend Jack Grant of JG Construction Management, Inc. as a construction expert in civil litigation. My office has retained Jack Grant as a construction expert to work with us in defending construction defect lawsuits filed against our clients, both developers and general contractors. Jack was heavily involved in many aspects of the cases we retained him to work on, including initial site inspections, client meetings, review and analysis of large volumes of construction documents, deposition preparations, expert site inspections, preparation of expert reports and mediations. He demonstrates an ability to serve as a defense expert in construction defect litigation involving numerous types of claims and multiple parties. Throughout his work with us, Jack exhibited the utmost professionalism in every circumstance. His work was extremely thorough , but also efficient. He is highly organized. His responsiveness to time sensitive issues and changes in strategy in litigation was exceptional. Moreover, he was a pleasure to work with.”

 Major Greater Boston Construction Law Firm (1)

“It is without reservation that I recommend and endorse the excellent service of JG Construction Management, Inc. (“JGCMI”). Recently we required project management assistance to review project files and determine if conditions exist to submit loss of labor productivity, cumulative impact, and inefficiency claims on several projects. On several projects, Jack carefully and thoroughly reviewed extensive documentation and prepared detailed claims with multiple exhibits. Due to Jack’s practical, hands on knowledge of the construction process, he leverage this knowledge to help us identify adverse project conditions that caused ‘us’ to incur interference and disruption damages resulting from loss of productivity/inefficiencies, overmanning, dilution of supervision, out of sequence work, schedule compression, loss of learning curve, and construction acceleration. Throughout the process Jack was very professional, went to great lengths to be complete, and made himself accessible at our convenience. I would recommend Jack and his company, without reservation, for any claims consulting job involving a contractor on a large commercial or industrial project.”

President, Greater Boston Mechanical Contractor (1)

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide a reference for Jack Grant as an owner project manager. Jack has been working as our Project Manager since the Spring of 2014 during the renovation of our building after a fire deemed our building uninhabitable. We hired Jack to coordinate the renovation of our seven-story, 30-unit building in Boston’s Back Bay, originally built in 1891, and where every unit is different and unique. From the beginning, I have been impressed with Jack’s vast knowledge of the construction business, including, but not limited to, the permit process with the Boston Inspectional Services Department, the Back Bay Architectural Commission, and the Boston Fire Department. He is diligent and relentless in his pursuit of obtaining all permits, variances, and documentation related to all aspects of the construction process. Jack was crucial in our search for an architect and general contractor. He was present at every interview and managed the architect and contractor pre-qualification process, negotiations, and assisted our legal counsel on finalizing contracts. Jack oversaw the design process and construction not only with the trustees, but also individually with all 30 unit owners. Jack is meticulous and exhaustive in comparing cost estimates by our architect, general contractor, subcontractors, and all vendors. Jack has been crucial in working with the architect and general contractor on a detailed time schedule for our project with timely update and variation reports. His record keeping is unmatched. Jack has been especially invaluable in our dealings with our building’s insurance company. He is able to convince others of his point because he is in command of the project, he is articulate, well spoken, persuasive, and has all the facts ready to go at the drop of a hat. Summarizing, Jack is academically certified and has many years of hands on experience. He knows the business as well as the City of Boston’s bureaucratic operations, which makes him an expert in maneuvering the system legally and effectively to the benefit of the project at hand. I have been impressed by Jack’s commitment to our project and his commonsensical approach to problems. He has always been expeditious and professional. Jack is tenacious, determined, persevering, resolute, and indefatigable. He is highly organized, detailed, and thorough in his record keeping. He is genuine and courteous. He is notable for his ability to work collaboratively with our architects, contractors, vendors, the City of Boston, the Boston Fire Department, the Back Bay Architectural Commission, our attorneys, and all the unit owners. Jack Grant is the man for a complex construction projects, in which professionalism, quality, and timeliness are of the utmost importance.”  

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Trustee Condominium Association, Downtown Boston, MA (1)

(1)  Detailed Recommendations to be provided upon request.