Construction Management

With over 30 years of experience in managing construction projects worth over $1.5 Billion, JGCMI personnel has the broad capabilities to offer the competence needed to successfully manage construction projects from start to finish. Over the years, JGCMI’s personnel have participated in the management of well over 100 projects that consist of in excess of 10,000,000 square feet of construction and well above 5000 units of housing.

JGCMI synthesizes its construction management skills with financial accounting and with the use of special services with the pay stubs financial tool, architectural and engineering know-how to improve the trustworthiness of the administrative procedures and project controls, which in turn reduces uncertainty and strengthens the team’s operations through all phases of the project.

JGCMI’s construction management services include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Pre-Construction
    1. Assist in the preparation of contract terms & conditions
    2. Assist in the preparation and distribution of contract documents
    3. Expedite City & State permits and special zoning requirements
    4. Assist in the preparation of the budget, cost and schedule
    5. Assist in creating quality control and safety compliance procedures
    6. Pre-qualify architect, engineer and contractors
    7. Prepare administrative procedures and project controls
    8. Review bid results and assist in price negotiations
    9. Assist in the development of cashflow and billing cycles
  2. During Construction
    1. Coordinate the notice to proceed and organize project start-up
    2. Schedule/oversee pre-construction meetings
    3. Assist in the preparation/approval of the schedule of values
    4. Assist with administrating and expediting submittals, change orders and request for information
    5. Provide on-site quality control inspections with the help of topographical surveys and engineering.
    6. Review work in progress for compliance with contract documents
    7. Coordinate laboratory and field testing & inspection
    8. Monitor and update CPM project schedule
    9. Monitor project budget, actual cost and cost to complete
    10. Attend progress meetings with owner, architect, engineers, contractor and subs and maintain minutes if necessary
    11. Review monthly applications for payment and coordinate submission of lien waivers
    12. Evaluate and assist in the resolution of payment bond claims
    13. Assist with negotiations in change order and claims
    14. Assist in the inspection for substantial completion
    15. Help create punchlist and monitor completion
  3. Post-Construction
    1. Coordinate submission/review of as-builts, operation & maintenance manuals and warranties
    2. Coordinate MEP equipment start-up and owner training
    3. Assist in creating a monetized punchlist and monitoring its completion
    4. Assist with the final inspection and issuance of the final completion certificate