Litigation Support

JGCMI’s litigation support services have the expertise to become an essential part of your professional team and are able to work with you and your legal counsel in all alternative dispute resolution methods. During the past decade, JGCMI’s principal has participated in over 40 legal proceedings that involved courtroom trials, arbitration hearings and mediation sessions. This experience instilled a reliable and effective approach and methodology to efficiently get to the heart of any claim or dispute. JGCMI will appear as your expert construction claims consultant during settlement discussions or at mediation, or be your expert witness in arbitration or litigation. JGCMI’s litigation support services include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Effectively review a voluminous amount of data with an innate ability and sound judgment to understand the relative importance of the documents as evidence
  2. Efficiently gather and help produce all of the pertinent documents and organize it into a chronological main file that becomes a meaningful data base of core information
  3. JGCMI’s industrious determination, where no stones are left unturned, facilitates getting to the root of the dispute process competently, with substantial evidentiary information that contributes to quicker negotiations/resolutions on even the most complex multi-party construction disputes
  4. Provide legal counsel with an in-depth understanding of, and insight into, complex construction issues, problems, and practices
  5. Collaborate with legal counsel to develop legal strategy, assist in the decision-making process and help determine the best plan for litigating a dispute
  6. Help establish what discovery should be done
  7. Assist in propounding or answering interrogatories
  8. Assist in preparing demands to inspect documents
  9. Assist drafting or responding to requests for admissions
  10. Assist in preparation for depositions
  11. Help evaluating information and documents received through discovery
  12. Assist in preparations for settlement discussions
  13. Assist in developing pre-trial, trial, post-trial, and appellate pleadings and briefs
  14. Assist in developing graphics to be used at mediation, arbitration or trial
  15. Assist in preparing questions for direct testimony and cross examination
  16. Analyze deposition transcripts
  17. Determine facts necessary to challenge opposing expert testimony
  18. Write expert disclosure reports which establish valuable cause-and-effect relationships